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Take Your Social Media Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

Some of the most exciting examples of effective social media marketing have taken place within the Hospitality industry. Industry news websites and publications have reported numerous stories of how a company’s quick response to a guest Tweet led to outstanding social media commentary, or how a particular special offer or promotion led to hundreds of new followers and $25k in revenue. Results like these have placed social media at the forefront of Internet marketing discussions, but there are very few companies who are actually leveraging the full power of social media. View our work.

The most prevalent goal of businesses participating in social media is to build a foundation of devoted followers who will keep coming back through loyalty rewards and offers which are exclusively publicized through social media outlets. Most companies would also say they engage in social media to attract new customers and increase sales. Contrary to these goals the vast majority of properties are neither investing time nor research into their campaign, entrusting the campaign to a staff member who occasionally posts advertising broadcasts rather than interesting content worthy of social interaction. If you’re ready to position your company among the leaders in social media marketing and stand out from the pack, Hospitality Ambassadors has the knowledge and experience to help you make it happen.

Don’t let another year go by with mediocre social media performance. Contact Hospitality Ambassadors today.

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"I suspect we are in the same position with social media as we were 20 years ago with Internet Marketing. The only difference is it won't take 20 years, it will take 5-10 years until we really see the impact of interactive communication among consumers."
- Bill Carroll, Cornell School of Hotel Administration

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