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Mobile Website for Meetings and Events

Enhance Guest Service and Increase Satisfaction

When your company is hosting a social event or business conference, wouldn’t it be great if the attendees could get the most pertinent information about the event without looking for a printed program or calling on the phone?

Mobile Event Schedule & Mobile Agenda

With our customized MobiSched and MobiGenda websites, your attendees and guests can access event schedules and agendas within seconds using their mobile device. Formatted for mobile devices, these mobile websites provide the information they want, the way they want it and include enhanced features only available through mobile websites such as Mobile Check-In & and Click To Call - one-touch access to call the event host or coordinator. Your unique mobile event website can even have a password protected page, or you can protect the entire event website.

Supports Multiple Events With Unique Web Address For Every Event

No need to contact your I.T. department, Hospitality Ambassadors will handle everything. Your property will receive a unique web address using one of our mobile event domains, and each event will also receive a unique web address and custom mobile website. It’s not uncommon for companies to host multiple events over the course of a weekend. There is no limit to how many mobile event websites you can host with us, you select which events and we’ll do the rest. If it’s a last minute event, we can accommodate most requests and you can provide the website address to attendees as they arrive.

Social Media Influence

Increased Revenue

Decreased Revenue

By providing a mobile schedule or agenda to your next business group, you are not only differentiating your company from the competition, you are indirectly creating a social media buzz and strengthening valuable business relationships.

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