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Hospitality Mobile Websites and Mobile Marketing

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Technology has placed a vast new world at our fingertips, and mobile websites and social media resources have been integrated to all steps of the travel process. Two industries beginning to capitalize on the outstanding adoption rate of mobile smartphones and devices are the travel and hospitality industries. While using their mobile device travelers can book a flight on Facebook, reserve a hotel room, chat with the concierge using Twitter, see nearby restaurants and attractions within walking distance, browse reviews, view menus and make evening dinner & entertainment reservations. View our work.

Mobile marketing with location-based services such as Foursquare and Loopt provide operators with tremendous opportunities to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue. When a guest “checks in” to Foursquare at your property, you can greet them with a special offer you’ve added to your company listing on Foursquare. Location based services allow users to “broadcast” their location, essentially providing word of mouth referrals to their entire network. Check-in contests and exclusive offers produce valuable exposure and create new customers - many of whom will also check-in and become repeat customers.

When Google Talks, We Listen

“We are witnessing an astronomical rise in the use of smartphones. It is a matter of when, not if, mobile devices will overtake the desktop as the web access point of choice for users, so this is an area to watch closely.” - Jane Butler, managing director for travel in the US at Google
In a study Google completed with OTX in early 2010, 40% of business travelers said they used a mobile device to access travel information - up from just 25% last year. Similar growth spikes occurred with both personal and affluent travel.

mobile device usage for travel industry

In a study Google completed with OTX in early 2010, 68% of business travelers and 62% of Personal travelers used their mobile device to research an upcoming trip - 54% and 44% (business and personal, respectively) have made travel plans based on the reviews and experiences of others.

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