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Innovative Approach to Reputation Management

Program Increases Traveler Reviews and Social Media Following

The Hospitality Ambassadors Online Reputation Optimization program was developed with one goal in mind: help hotels, resorts and restaurateurs get more online reviews from satisfied customers. As the development process unfolded we recognized that it would also become a highly effective social media marketing and communication tool. This innovative marketing and communication program will enable your property to garner a much higher volume of guest reviews across multiple websites, provide an opportunity to interact with and promote several social media platforms, and grow your valuable network of social media fans and followers. If you're just getting started with social media, this marketing program will be the launch pad for your entire social media campaign.

Can Hospitality Ambassadors Help My Rankings?

What many hotel and restaurant operators don't realize is receiving a good review is just one of three contributing factors - the other two being the number of reviews and how often you receive them. Michelle Perry, TripAdvisor Director of Communications, explains "TripAdvisor popularity index rankings are significantly impacted by the quantity of reviews, quality of reviews, and how recent those reviews are."

Unfortunately, businesses with fantastic guest satisfaction are still receiving an extremely low volume of new reviews within the most valuable review websites. It is this fact that led Hospitality Ambassadors to develop our highly effective and well-received Reputation Management & Optimization program. Our program produces more reviews, more often, from more of your customers, for as long as you participate, than any other program available today. We accomplish this by providing a new line of direct communication between your property or GM and your customers, educating your customers about the review process, and eliminating the barriers they perceive when considering whether or not to write an online review.

This program is offered exclusively to the Hospitality Industry. Contact Hospitality Ambassadors to learn more.

Social Media Influence

Increased Revenue

Decreased Revenue

Our online reputation optimization program produces more reviews, from more of your customers, on the websites that matter to you most, than any other program available.

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