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Full-Service Social Media Campaign Management

Together We Can Grow Revenue, Market Share and Loyalty.

Many businesses today just don’t have the amount of time required to launch a social media campaign from scratch. For others, a campaign started several months ago but it seems confusing and your staff just isn’t sure how to generate a public following. Every day, social media is influencing the booking decisions of potential guests, and we need to get your campaign on the right track. Once your campaign is running smoothly, we can continue with full-service management or provide monthly support. View our work.

Perception is Now Largely Controlled by the Consumer

The rapid expansion and popularity of social media networks and review sites has placed the perception of your property into the hands of consumers. Our social media management services are completely customized and always include direct participation at the property level. Our goal is to launch and manage a comprehensive social media and reputation management campaign that sets you apart from the competition. Over time, your property's social media manager will be able to generate and implement the creative ideas and techniques required to retain and grow your campaign.

Contact Hospitality Ambassadors today – let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you and together we can generate a network of ambassadors for your company.

Social Media Influence

Increased Revenue

Decreased Revenue

A recent study by HSMAI revealed that only 40% of hoteliers have a social media strategy. Success in social media requires frequency, creativity and content worthy of meaningful interaction. If your company is still considering social media or struggling to grow and interact with your audience, our social media marketing and management services are for you.

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